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Package Forwarding

The primary focus of these companies is shipping packages from the United States to clients in other countries.  They allow people outside the US to have a US address to be used for internet shopping on US based web sites that don't ship goods to foreign countries (or don't ship them cheaply).

Package Handling Services Addresses Available Plan Details Torrance, California
Tualatin, Oregon (note Oregon has no state sales tax)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Two plans are available:
Individual Package: (for one time use) $8.50 + postage, no setup fee
Virtual Mailbox: $50/year + $2.50 processing fee per package received, and $2.00 consolidation fee. Postage is the same as the post office or the FedEx Discount Rate. Letters and magazines will also be forwarded and 90 days of free storage is provided.

The owner and CEO responds to questions in the company's support forums. 4299 Express Lane
Suite X10012
Sarasota, Florida 34238
There are three different plans:
Standard (for occasional users), which has a a $10 setup fee and good shipping rates.
Premium (for frequent users) has a $25 setup fee and $60 annual fee (or $7 per month). This plan offers package consolidation, more deeply discounted shipping rates, 30 fee package storage, and online account management.
Premium with Mail is just like premium but also allows you to receive regular mail. There is a $25 setup fee and $195 annual fee (or $25 per month). 8345 NW 66TH ST #NNNN
MIAMI FL 33166
No Setup Fee, $10 per month, They apply their own shipping rates. Quotes available on the website determined by pound and country.
One time shipping is also available without a monthly charge, but at a higher shipping rate.
USA Mail 1 Your Name
616 Corporate Way, Suite 2
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
$9.99 per month including ability to receive mail, your personal fax number, free storage for 30 days, package and mail consolidation, and discounted shipping. For a per piece charge, scanning, shredding, and receipt of faxes are available.
Bongo International Your Name
# 31087
315 Seaview Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06607
Bongo has two membership plans:
Classic which has a $5 setup fee and no monthly fee. Shipping charges are at Bongo's higher rates.
Advantage: $15 per month. This plan provides package consolidation and lower shipping rates than Bongo's Classic Plan.

There have been some complaints on internet forums about Bongo's customer service.
Get My US Mail Lowell, Massachusetts $149.00 per year including consolidation and storage
Note this is a sister company of My US Post Office (below).
My US Post Office Lowell, Massachusetts $149.00 per year including consolidation and storage
Note this is a sister company of Get My US Mail (above).
USA 2 Me 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. #nnnn
Houston, TX 77043
Setup fee $15.00. The standard plans are $5.00 per month. Gold plans are $14.00 per month with shipping rates as low as $7.75 per pound for the first pound and $2.00/pound thereafter. Shipment consolidation and 45 days of free storage are included.